Blueberry Smoothies

Our smoothie-maker exploded.  Seriously.  It was a Magic Bullet, circa 1999, that my brother ordered for me via a late night infomercial.  That’s right; we were making smoothies long before they graced the covers of food magazines and turned heads on Pinterest. During its employment with us, the Magic Bullet served us up a conservative estimate of 5,475 smoothies.

It’s been coughing for awhile.  Sputtering.  Leaking, even.  But I was not expecting the poof of smoke and the explosive “Pop!” that signaled its actual demise.  I will admit that I did not (yet) throw it away.  I will.  In a fit of spring cleaning I’ll get frustrated by all the “stuff” littering our kitchen cabinets and out it will go.  For now, however, it sits in the same corner of our cupboard, cord neatly wrapped, a kitchen gadget that–through daily service–has actually been deemed “useful”.

My grandma was the first one to turn me on to smoothies.  I was sitting at her kitchen table, drinking tea, when she told me about this recipe she found in Reader’s Digest: 1/2 a frozen banana, a cup of yoghurt, orange juice.  I went home, tried it: hooked.

The combinations are endless, of course, and precise measurements are not necessary. There is, however, one smoothie that our family turns to, again and again: Blueberry. Folks, we go through cases of frozen blueberries around here.  You don’t need me to tell you how good these berries are for you: they make the news on a regular basis.  I will tell you that my youngest demands one of these every afternoon.

Note: it is important to use frozen berries–it gives the smoothie a frosty, thick consistency. Additionally, during the summer months, I add a few mint leaves before I blend everything together: lovely.

Blueberry Smoothie 

1 banana

1 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 cup frozen cherries

3/4 cup soy milk (or other milk)

1/4 cup orange juice

1 T. ground flax seed

Blend until smooth and frothy.  Makes two medium or one large glass.



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